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UC Berkeley Environmental Science, Policy, and Management (ESPM) Restoration Ecology Seminar

In Fall 2010, Dr. Katharine Suding ran a multi-disciplinary graduate seminar at UC Berkeley on restoration ecology.  Students from ESPM, Geography, Landscape Architecture and Environmental Design, the Energy and Resources Group, and the Goldman School of Public Policy attended.  In all, there were approximately 17 students in the seminar.  On the first day, Dr. Suding brought a list of possible topics in restoration ecology that we might study or discuss throughout the course, and we voted on this list.

Every week, we read several core papers on each of the topics that were chosen, and we all read an additional paper and wrote and posted a critique of that paper. All told, we reviewed an additional 84 articles in addition to reading a total of 17 core papers; there was a weekly vote for the best paper on a given topic; we all read these weekly winners.  These reviews are all available to read on this blog, both sorted by weekly topic (see topics at left) as well as alphabetically in the article review section.

Finally, at the end of the course, we compiled "Top 10" lists of papers from all those we'd read throughout the semester. The Top 10 lists gave rise to the "Insights from a Cross-Disciplinary Seminar: 10 Pivotal Papers in Ecological Restoration" opinion paper in Restoration Ecology.

Please share your thoughts about important current papers in restoration ecology, where the field is headed (or should be headed!) and what exciting new ideas are out there.  How can we better connect theory and practice, and integrate work from social science and biophysical science?  How can we reach out to practitioners and laypeople? Please comment on the 10 Pivotal Papers page.