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I forgot to post separately the additional articles I mentioned... Forgive me if I overlooked one or another that may actually have been on a week's list already.

Newman, A. 2008. Inclusive Planning of Urban Nature. Ecological Rest. 26(3):229-234

Perfecto, I., Vandermeer, J. The agroecological matrix as alternative to the land-sparing/agriculture intensification model. PNAS March 30, 2010 vol. 107 no. 13 5786-579

Walker, S., Brower, A. L., Stephens, R. T. and Lee, W. G. (2009), Why bartering biodiversity fails. Conservation Letters, 2: 149–157.

Rebecca Lave, Martin Doyle, and Morgan Robertson. Privatizing stream restoration in the US. Social Studies of Science October 2010 vol. 40 no. 5 677-703

Gonzalo-Turpin, H., N. Couix, and L. Hazard. 2008. Rethinking partnerships with the aim of producing knowledge with practical relevance: a case study in the field of ecological restoration. Ecology and Society 13(2): 53.

Aronson, J., Blignaut, J. N., Milton, S. J., Le Maitre, D., Esler, K. J., Limouzin, A., Fontaine, C., De Wit, M. P., Mugido, W., Prinsloo, P., Van Der Elst, L. and Lederer, N. (2010), Are Socioeconomic Benefits of Restoration Adequately Quantified? A Meta-analysis of Recent Papers (2000–2008) in Restoration Ecology and 12 Other Scientific Journals. Restoration Ecology, 18: 143–154.

Peterson, M. J., D. M. Hall, A. M. Feldpausch-Parker, and A. T. R. Peterson. 2010. Obscuring Ecosystem Function with Application of the Ecosystem Services Concept. Conservation Biology 24: 113-119.

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