Community Landscape Planning for Rural Areas: A Model for Biocultural Resource Management

Del Amo-Rodriguez, S; Vergara-Tenorio, MD; Ramos-Prado, JM; et al.
SOCIETY & NATURAL RESOURCES, 23 (5): 436-450 2010

This article introduces a theoretical model, Biocultural Resource Management (BCRM), for landscape planning and managing in rural tropical areas. This model stresses the participation of the local population and the integration of their needs, values and indigenous knowledge of the landscape as just as important as natural systems conservation and restoration goals. Boiled down, the model works by creating management teams whereby local people undertake concrete management of projects on their lands and biologists and other experts provide financial and technical support.The goal of BCRM is to make local people the drivers of sustainable land management and planning that consider both cultural diversity as well as biodiversity.
The article gives a good over view of the model but often reverts to flowery speech and grand ideas without tying them down to concrete examples. Although they do somewhat describe the process being used in Mexico, the authors don’t go into detail regarding actual examples of success. Although I can see the merits of their model I found this article a little hard to follow. It seemed more an advertisement for their model than something one could use practically to guide one’s own Biocultural Resource Management Plan.

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