Viewing invasive species removal from a whole ecosystem context

Zavaleta, ES; Hobbs, RJ; Mooney, HA. 2001. TRENDS IN ECOLOGY & EVOLUTION 16 (8): 454-459.

This paper gives a good but brief introduction to the need for considering the potential complex effects of removing an invasive species from an ecosystem. While there have been many success stories of removing an exotic species followed by the recovery of native and endangered species, there have been numerous cases of unforeseen and unwanted effects from focusing too narrowly on the removal of a single exotic species from an invaded ecosystem. The authors provide many examples and outline the basic ideas behind trophic level interactions and trophic cascades in the context of restoration and species removal.
I would include this paper in the "seems obvious when you read about it but maybe not so obvious when you're actually doing a restoration project" category. So, a valuable topic to read about and understand.

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