Third Reading for Week 5: Invasive species removal

This was an unusual week: we had seven critiques of one paper (Zaveleta et al), two critiques + 3 votes of another (Palmer et al) and then a 3-way tie (with four votes each) in voting. Will try to avoid this in the future (we need more people to vote!) but for this week, lets read the Zaveleta paper as it is clear that the topic interests many of you:

Zavaleta, ES; Hobbs, RJ; Mooney, HA. 2001. Viewing invasive species removal in a whole ecosystem context. TRENDS IN ECOLOGY & EVOLUTION 16 (8): 454-459.

If you already have read this, I would consider looking at the Cramer et al paper about restoring old fields (Whats new about old fields?; paper 8).  --Katie

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