Definitions for invasive species

Here were the definitions I came up with for some of the things we were discussing when talking about the difference between invasive and exotic and so forth. Please comment with your own definitions and thoughts!

* native - historically present (need to define timescale)
* exotic - introduced from another location, not historically present (again, define timescale)
* invasive - spreading in area or population
* detrimental - any of these things can start to cause a problem (locally-adapted species with intact species interactions are less likely to have detrimental impacts)
* human-transported - might be detrimental or not
* naturalized - exotics that don't seem to be detrimental
* invasive - commonly used to mean exotics that are detrimental

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  1. Thanks for posting these! Another good source for defining the multiple other terms used in invasion is Falk-Peterson et al. 2006. On the numerous concepts in invasion biology. Biological Invasions 8:1409-1424.

    They discuss some other terms like weeds, endemics, feral, transient and more. It's a good summary of definitions from multiple sources.